How do we keep up to date in the real estate market? Today I’m discussing the yearly conference I attend to do just that.

One question that has come up a lot lately is how I stay up to date on what’s happening in the market. We’re continually exploring ways to keep improving, changing, and updating with new trends and technology. 

Next week I’ll be in San Diego for three days for a conference with a business coach I’ve worked with for 32 years. In that meeting there will be approximately 2,500 real estate agents from all over the U.S. Everyone is sharp, they do a wonderful job, and none of us are direct competitors. When we get together to talk, everyone’s willing to share almost everything they do with each other. We compare notes and best practices.

“How do I keep up to date? By attending a yearly conference with other agents focused on breaking down new trends and technology.”

This year, we’ll be discussing the new uses of video tours, growing photography practices, response systems, customer service, and a variety of other great topics. We talk about old technology (direct contact with you) and new technology, which streamlines the process. This yearly meeting is very exciting, and it allows us to continue improving the services we provide you. 

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