Interest rates are as low as they’ve been in a while, and that’s good news whether you’re a buyer or seller.

Today I’m happy to deliver some exciting news: Interest rates have dropped significantly once again, putting them below the 4% mark! What does this mean for you and your goals? Well, as rates continue to decrease, buyers have the opportunity to enjoy increased purchasing power, a shorter repayment period, or a smaller mortgage payment.

Furthermore, inventory is up. We currently have over 800 homes on the market, compared to earlier this year when we had less than 650 homes for sale. Buyers aren’t the only ones with opportunities before them, though: We have 341 pending sales in our market, which means conditions are friendly for sellers as well. Given all this good news, why wait any longer to make a move?

If you’re looking to make a move and save a significant amount of money on your mortgage over the life of your loan, now’s an excellent time to do so. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to get in touch with us. I look forward to hearing from you!