Last year’s market was great. That being said, there are a couple of things we can learn from it as we move into 2018.

2017 was a very good year in our market, so is there anything to be learned from it?

Last year, it wasn’t uncommon for listings to sell within two to eight weeks. Even so, one of the things we can still take away is that preparing one’s home for the market is still important, even in a faster-moving market.

Homes that were better prepared would often move more quickly than the competition and would often receive higher offers.

We also saw a relatively large influx of new agents last year. Any time the market is doing well, it seems to become easier for people to obtain a real estate license. Nevertheless, there is usually a two- to five-year learning curve.

“Hiring a pro is as important as it ever was.”

The basics of real estate aren’t difficult to pick up, but getting great deals requires a higher level of expertise. Due to the newer, less experienced agents that entered our market in 2017, there were a surprising number of deals that didn’t close.

My team and I have the experience and knowledge to help transactions go more smoothly. Hiring a pro is as important as it ever was. There is enough stress that comes along with any real estate transaction. Leave some of the work to a professional.

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