We have an extremely attractive market in St. Cloud right now for buyers and sellers. Here’s why.

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It’s been an outstanding year for our team so far. We’ve been able to help 83 families buy or sell a home this year, and we’re looking forward to helping many more as the year goes on. We just wanted to bring you a few of the most recent numbers that show where our market is at and where it’s going.

There have been 1,750 home sales in the St. Cloud area over the last six months. This is a good, solid number for our market. Our pending sales are strong as well. We currently have 290 of them.

We currently have 954 homes on the market in St. Cloud. This gives us about a four-month-supply of inventory, which is much more than there is in the Twin Cities. Our inventory is stronger, which helps buyers, while the average home can still sell within two to eight weeks if it’s prepared properly for the market.


This is an extremely attractive market for buyers and sellers. Sellers can sell their homes quickly and for a good price, while buyers have a decent amount of inventory to choose from.

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