What’s changed and what’s stayed the same in the real estate industry over the years? Here are a couple of examples.

My team and I recently attended a Mike Ferry conference with 4,000 of the other top agents in the country. None of us compete head to head, so this conference is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas, techniques, etc.

One of the more interesting topics that came up during this conference was how much things have changed in real estate, but at the same time, stayed the same. 

Some of the advertising, for example, is the same, and person-to-person interaction is still extremely important. Our job is to help you make the right decision and get the information you need so your home sale and/or home purchase goes smoothly.

“The bottom line is, we’re here to help you do the right thing for your family.”

One of the things that has changed is the delivery of information, which is wonderful. We can get you far more information about homes much more quickly, and you can see a lot more about the properties you want to look at. Years ago, for about half of the homes we walked into, buyers only needed about two steps to know that the home wasn’t right for them. With virtual tours now available, buyers can weed out the homes that don’t fit and focus on the ones they like best. 

The bottom line is, we’re here to help you do the right thing for your family. If you have any specific real estate needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you.